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COMAP, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications, is an award-winning non-profit organization whose mission
is to improve mathematics education for students of all ages. Since 1980, COMAP has worked with teachers, students, and
business people to create learning environments where mathematics is used to investigate and model real issues in our world.


COMAP is excited to announce that Mathmodels.org has been reimagined as a new resource to make math modeling a year round activity. Teachers and students may use the materials found on the site to enrich their classes and help prepare students for mathematical modeling competitions.  Learn More

Precalculus: Modeling Our World 2nd Edition

This is a different precalculus text. It contains all of the topics that you would expect to find in a precalculus text and more; but it is a text written by COMAP and applications is our middle name. Thus you will see the concepts and skills of precalculus presented from an applications and modeling point of view. Moreover, this is an activity and problem-solving based book. We want students to experience the mathematics they are learning in a way that will make both the mathematics and the contemporary applications come alive.

We make serious use of graphing calculators and a variety of software, including spreadsheets and geometric utility programs. We introduce and make use of data analysis techniques. All of which permit us to analyze deeper and more meaningful problems. And we have attempted to add material that will in fact, as well as name, better prepare students for their work in calculus—from our introductory work on functions to our final chapter on finite difference equations. We use a spiraling approach, coming back to earlier ideas in later chapters, so that we can keep those ideas, concepts, and skills alive, reinforcing their importance as well as providing additional practice.  Learn More

Discrete Mathematics: Modeling Our World
(Formerly Discrete Mathematics through Applications) 4th Edition

Written specifically for high school courses, Discrete Mathematics: Modeling Our World is a new fourth edition of the formerly titled Discrete Mathematics Through Applications. It is designed to help you implement mathematical modeling in your classroom, in a way that promotes active learning, critical thinking, and fully-engaged student participation. With this text, students will see the connections among mathematical topics and real-life events and situations, while sharpening their problem solving, mathematical reasoning and communication skills.  Learn More

The BioMath Connection (BMC) & Integrating Mathematics and Biology (IMB) Projects

BMC/IMB was a pioneering project linking biology and mathematics in the high schools. It provided an opportunity for high school teachers, writers, researchers, and others to get in on the ground floor of developing innovative classroom materials. The materials consist of 20 modules that can be flexibly adapted for use in a variety of courses at a variety of grade levels in both biology and mathematics. The project was run by DIMACS at Rutgers University in collaboration with the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) and Colorado State University (CSU).  Learn More

Mathematics: Modeling Our World (MMOW) Course 1, 2 & 3

Based on feedback from users of the first edition, COMAP has completed a major revision of Courses 1-3, now available in both print and CD-ROM.

• Some chapters are completely rewritten (i.e., Pick a Winner and Landsat, which is now titled Scene from Above). Other chapters are streamlined while retaining the thematic, modeling approach.
• Most chapters are shorter. The revised Course 1 has a total of 57 Activities— a 39% reduction from first edition’s 93.  Learn More

Consortium Free Download Page

Consortium, published twice a year and available electronically, blends contemporary teaching activities with commentaries, articles and contests to bring the excitement of mathematical modeling to high school classrooms. Each issue contains the Pull-Out section, a reproducible classroom activity centered on a real-world modeling problem. Recent Pull-Out lessons have modeled a wide range of topics including the genetics of sickle cell anemia and the accuracy of the Patriot Missile System.

Starting with issue 104 COMAP has decided to make the Consortium available as a free download.  Learn More

NEW FREE course material A Course in Financial Mathematics

This is a free course in financial mathematics for upper high school and undergraduate students, with emphasis on personal finance. Teachers can make their own selections. Some of the lessons are articles published in various journals. Some are unpublished. This collection contains over forty lessons. A teacher can simply download and print a PDF, make copies, distribute them to students, and teach the lesson.  Learn More

Mathematics as a Second Language Glossary

The Mathematics as a Second Language Glossary features mathematical terms defined in both English and Spanish with accompanying examples and/or drawings and is now available in epub format for the Amazon Kindle and Apple EReaders.  Learn More

Mathematics as a Second Language - David L. Pagni & Gloria G. Castellanos

   Site Updates  

 The ISDDE Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Educational Design has been awarded to Sol Garfunkel of COMAP

 UMAP Journal 36.3 is now available for download

 UMAP Journal 36.2 is now available for download

 Registration for the 2015 HiMCM contest is now open

 The 1st Annual International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C) results are now available

 Consortium 108 is now available for download

 The Mathematical Modeling Handbook III: Lesson Paradigms is now available

 NCTM 2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition - Problems Worth Solving: Mathematical Modeling Contests and Education

 The 2015 MCM/ICM results are now available

 Statistical Modeling With SPSS is now available for download

 A Short History of the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) is now available for download

 The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling: Culturing Interdisciplinary Problem Solving is now available

 Dynamic College Algebra (DynaMAP) is now available

 Discrete Mathematics: Modeling Our World 4th Edition is now available

 Against All Odds: Inside Statistics update now available

 The Mathematical Modeling Handbook II: The Assessments is now available

 Mathematics: Modeling Our World (MMOW) Course 1, 2 and 3 Second Edition are now available

 Precalculus: Modeling Our World second printing is now available

 Mathematical Modeling Handbook now available

 FREE course material A Course in Financial Mathematics

 Select ResourceMAP modules are now available for download

 College Algebra: Modeling Our World CD-Rom is now available

 COMAP is pleased to announce the addition of a companion Website dedicated to The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education


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